Gifs Help Promote Your Business

Today we see a lot of animation, video, and gifs being used in social media and online. Animation does grab the viewers attention so this can be a great tool for engagement. However there is good design and bad just like with everything else.

If you decide that you want to use an animation to get more likes on your social media pages make sure when your working with your designer that your brand is being represented correctly. We see the internet full of distasteful animation that makes most reputable designers cringe. From meme’s and selfies with headlines all done to attract but are these the customers you want to attract?

Above is the 2016 holiday card that the amazing guys at the law firm of Boyarski Fritz LLP, hired me to create for them. Its simple, elegant and clean it follows there branding. The colors compliment there company colors of blue and grey. There logo is subtle yet prominent. The animation is not overwhelming but gives it the extra WOW factor as the snowflakes glide gently across the image.

When your looking to have your next animation designed remember to ask yourself, does this reflect our brand.

Happy Holidays!