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Hit Designs Means BIG, BOLD, BUSINESS!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Hit Designs means Big, Bold, Business.

Check out Hit Designs founder Raquel Bonassisa’s chapter, The Truth about Your Brand: It’s Not Your Logo.

Read a little snippet on Raquel’s chapter here:

“Many people believe that a brand consists of a logo and a catchy slogan. It’s way more than this. Your brand is your image, so everything it does, everything it owns, everything it produces needs to carry through that same value and consistency. Try this little test with your own brand: Close your eyes and take away your company’s logo. Now, try to visualize your fonts, your colors, your graphics, your packaging, your products. Do they still convey your brand’s identity? They should! If they don’t, think about a brand redesign. Your logo should not be the only thing that represents your brand.”

Inside are 72 easy-to-read chapters with tips and “how-to’s by different New Jersey women entrepreneurs. Also, learn from women led experts with professional advice in the areas of design, law, marketing, medicine, publishing, printing, beauty, fashion and more.

A sure motivator! Busting at the seams with ideas, inspiration and effective methods to help grow any business. Above all Big, Bold, Business Advice is like having a business consultant at your fingertips 24/7.

Published by Woodpecker Press, a woman-owned publishing company in NJ.

Big Bold Business Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners

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