Beware of Stealth Mode Offshore Services

Updated: Oct 10

A word of advice, Know who your working with! If you need a web designer or graphic designer it's best that you get a referral or do your due diligence.

You may have heard of some of these crowd services like Odesk, Guru, Fiver among a long list of others popping up all over the internet. Well, many of them are places for cheap and frankly bad work from really untrustworthy people. I don't want to say all of them are bad, I'll just say 75% are! I know, I've heard the stories and I've seen the proof.

Things you should know about offshore outsourcing. You will get what you pay for and more in the likes of headaches and flawed work just to save a buck! Here are some things that are happening in these type of clown arenas.

1. Websites and fake companies. Offshore companies are linking up with a person located in the United States to have a US IP address and presence so that they can infiltrate the US market easily and deceive unsuspecting customers. A middle man acts on their part to gain your business and send it out to places like India, Russia, China, the Ukraine among others. You think your dealing with a company that's in New York or California but in reality its a front.

2. Quality. Your looking for a logo again you want it done cheap. The offshore business shows you a portfolio of logo designs that are either stolen from another person's website of just chopped up off of a website that supply's stock art! More fraudulent practice.

3. Hidden code. I need a programer and their expensive let me cut some corners. Well, you can do that but don't expect that when you let them into your website or deliver you a custom plug-in that there isn't any malware or deceiving code built. You may want to take a better look at the backend of your website since a big trick they use is adding backlinks onto your website. Why you ask? Well if you don't know backlinks will help you rank higher in google search. So, they may have a client they are doing SEO for so they throw the links into all these websites and that client thinks WOW look at all this traffic. You on the other hand have no idea they are even there.

I hope I shed some light on this funky business so that you can make your own decisions! I'm sure many people have had good experiences as well, I just never heard of any. However, I will tell you the main reason people use offshore is because they are CHEAP there I said it. But, the saying is true "you get what you pay for". Remember there is no such thing as Good, Fast, Cheap. You can have Good and Fast or Fast and Cheap but Good, Fast and Cheap are Unattainable. Besides, there are plenty of amazing designers and web developers right here in the USA who I'm sure would be willing to negotiate on a fair and good price if you ask.

In case your wondering, Hit Designs does not use offshore outsourced help of any kind. We have a whole pool of experienced and accredited designers here in the good ol' USA.


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