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What Your Brand Says About You

Updated: Jan 18

A brand strategy has to be well presented simply to take part, because to compete today, names and messages are where the creativity needs to go. Likewise these can win battles before audiences even see the visual design.

It is important for brand names to be easy to say, easy to understand and firmly rooted in the purpose of the business. For start-up businesses – for any business – a strong name will directly determine levels of audience engagement.

Brand owners must use the name as an opportunity to start a conversation and stand out. No amount of beautiful graphic design can compensate for a bad name.

Tips for brand naming:

1. Establish a brand name platform. Consider your brand positioning versus the competition, your proposition for customers, and the attitude and tone of your brand.

2. Know what you’re selling – now and in the future – and where. How might the brand grow and stretch? Avoid names that might be restrictive or inappropriate.

3. Work collectively to generate lots of potential names focusing not only on the product development but even more on your core purpose and benefits to consumers. Try different approaches: descriptive, evocative, symbolic, wordplay, even a phrase. Be prepared for it to take time.

4. Don’t be too quick to judge. Consider what you want the name to achieve. Create a scorecard to assess your long list of name options. Think about the meaning, look and sound of the name. Say the name out loud. Say the name in the context of a conversation. Finally, does it still work?

5. Furthermore check your shortlist of trade names for trademark availability and website domain.

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